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ACM HAI 2023 (SCI检索)

Dressing up AIBO: An Exploration of User-generated Content of Robot Clothing on Twitter

Ye, Zaiqiao* ; Chen, Wei-Chu ; Sabanovic, Selma (*Corresponding Author)

Published 2023 | Proceedings of the Conference on Human-agent Interaction, HAI | Page 81-89


ACM C&C 2022 (SCI检索)

Fashion and Sustainable Practices: Fashionable Companion Robots

Ye, Zaiqiao

Published 2022 | Proceedings of the Creativity and Cognition, C&C | Page 694-697


Inspiring capsule wardrobe practices using illustrated design fictions and role-playing

Ye, Zaiqiao*; Zhang, Zitao; Blevis, Eli.(*Corresponding Author)

Exhibition X. Interactions 29, 5 (September - October 2022), 16–19.

IEEE/ACM ASE 2022 (CCF A, SCI检索, 清华大学重要国际学术会议目录)

Do Regional Variations Affect the CAPTCHA User Experience? A Comparison of CAPTCHAs in China and the United States

Ma, Xinyao ; Ye, Zaiqiao ; Patil, Sameer* (*Corresponding Author)
Published 2022 | IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering

IASDR 2022 (SCI检索, 清华大学重要国际学术会议目录)

Supporting Sustainability through Minimalist Interaction Design Aesthetics

Ye, Zaiqiao* ; Zhang, Zitao ; Chen, Tingyu ; Blevis, Eli (*Corresponding Author)
Published 2022 | With Design: Reinventing Design Modes, IASDR

IASDR 2022 (SCI检索, 清华大学重要国际学术会议目录)

Design for Better Ambient Temperature Experiences

Ye, Zaiqiao* ; Fang, Ruiqi ; Ravichandran, Sharanya ; Jejurkar, Shivali (*Corresponding Author)

Published 2022 | With Design: Reinventing Design Modes, IASDR

ACM IDC 2020 (CCF C, SCI检索, 清华大学重要国际学术会议目录)

SmileyCluster: supporting accessible machine learning in K-12 scientific discovery

Wan, Xiaoyu ; Zhou, Xiaofei ; Ye, Zaiqiao; Mortensen, Chase K.; Bai, Zhen* (*Corresponding Author)
Published Jun 2020 | Proceedings of Interaction Design and Children (IDC) Conference



AIED 2019 

FaceOverlay: Supporting Learning of Cluster Analysis for Scientific Discovery

Bai, Zhen*; Ye, Zaiqiao;  Wan, Xiaoyu; Ding, Zhaoxiong (* Corresponding Author)

AIED 2019: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
Accepted to Workshop on “K12 AI education”. Chicago, IL, United States, June 25, 2019



Participated in the paper review of: 

  • ACM DIS 2024(1)

  • Communications of the ACM (Journal)(1)

  • ACM/IEEE HRI 2023 Papers

  • IASDR 2023 Papers

  • ACM DIS 2023 papers

  • ACM C&C 2022 Pictorials

  • IASDR 2021 Pictorials

  • ACM C&C 2021 Pictorials

  • ACM TEI 2021 Pictorials

  • ACM CHI 2020 Late Breaking Works

Student Volunteer at IDC 2020 conference.



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