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人机交互领域研究人员 | Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCI/d) Researcher 

New! I will join Shenzhen International School of Design, HITSZ as an Assistant Professor in Oct 2023.


I earned my doctoral degree in HCI/d (Human Computer Interaction and Design) at the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering (SICE), Indiana University Bloomington(IUB). My academic advisor was Professor Eli Blevis and Professor Selma Sabanovic. I also had a minor in the Fine Art department.

My research is in the convergence of two critical and contemporary areas: Fashion Minimalism and Human-Robot Companionship. My dissertation is "Sustainable HCI: Fashion Minimalism and Human-Robot Companionship".


I do design research to create a more sustainable future and foster meaningful connections between humans and robots. I envision my future work focusing on innovative Human-Robot Interaction with the thoughts of fashion thinking and sustainable HCI.


Before coming to Bloomington, I finished my double degree master's program in HCI/d at Université Paris Sud (focus on Situated Interaction) and KTH Royal Institute of Technology (focus on Pervasive Computing). I have a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Zhejiang University. 

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